Frequently Asked Questions For Clients:

Q: What areas do you service? 
A: We service all of the United States with a primary focus in Southern California.

Q: Can I also use other firms in addition to yours?
A: Yes, we are a contingency search firm and there's no obligation to pay until you've made a hire and candidate starts. Some clients do prefer exclusive partnerships for a higher priority in hiring.

Q: How much does your services cost?

A: Because each client and position is unique, please contact us for details.

Q: What are your terms?
A: We provide a 90 day best effort replacement guarantee.

Q: How do you screen your candidates? 

A: We perform an in depth interview process exploring their skills, strengths, weaknesses and personality match prior to presenting them to you. We also conduct references prior to the placement. 

Q: Do you provide background checks? 

A: Yes, if you don't already have a third party service to perform that, we can arrange for background checks at your expense.
Typically, our clients will complete this through their own vendor prior to the hire.

Frequently Asked Questions For Candidates:

Q: What areas do you service?
A: We service all of the United States with a primary focus in Southern California.

Q: How can you help me?
A: We're not just your typical recruiters. We care about your next career move and will become your guidance counselor for your job search, resume writing, interviewing techniques or simply point you in the right direction.

Q: Does your services cost money?

A: No, we are 100% employer paid so our services are completely free to you; however, we cannot guarantee the success of placing you.

Q: What are my chances of getting placed?
A: Your chances depend on several factors: education, skill set, personality, the economy and market demand.

Q: What type of positions and industries do you staff?
A: We place Accounting, Finance and HR/Administrative professionals in a wide range of industries. Please refer to Our Services page for a complete list of positions and industries.

Q: How do I apply with your company?

A: Please send your resume in Word Document along with salary history and reason for looking to jobs@vertical-careers.com.